GoVision Email Newsletter - March 24, 2016

Chicago's Star Rises with Assist from GoVision

CrowdLead Pods Steer Broncos Fans Straight to Super Bowl Title

GoVision Goes Worldwide to Salute Our Troops
Christmas Continues . . . .


GoVision Acquires Assets of Events Cable and Sound

GoVision Acquires Assets of Custom Design & Fabrication

Employee Spotlight - Bob Hatfield

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New Year's Eve was different this year in Chicago and, thanks to GoVision, it may never be the same again!

For the first time ever, the City of Chicago threw an epic celebration dubbed "Chi-Town Rising." The centerpiece of the downtown event was a giant Rising Star constructed from LED panels that - rather than dropping like the ball in Times Square - rose 360 feet in the air during the final countdown.

GoVision provided 142 GV10CF panels that were hung vertically to create the custom six-point star spanning 60' wide and nearly 70' tall. A star-shaped fascia was attached over the panels to complete the electrifying look. The panels were then attached to a custom truss structure erected next to the Hyatt Regency. Motors hoisted the star up as the countdown began and fireworks exploded.

Chi-Town Rising was just the latest event to showcase the intricate work of GoVision's Custom Design & Fabrication division. Our expert team can create and design customized LED projects of virtually any shape and size, as well as the customized brackets and mechanical parts needed to accommodate these complex designs.


We probably shouldn't take credit for the Denver Broncos' recent Super Bowl win. But GoVision did play a role in getting their fans where they needed to be on time and helped keep them in a celebratory mood after their playoff victories.

We placed four of our new CrowdLead pods at both the AFC Divisional Playoff game and AFC Championship game played at Sports Authority Field. The pods were used to display messages at ingress - including info pertaining to stadium entry and ticket lines, and egress - including thank-yous to the fans and highlight clips from the games, as well as sponsor messaging.

The pods were networked together and driven from a command center in the stadium. The Broncos staff even created post-game highlight reels that were transmitted to the pods just minutes after each game ended.

"The digital CrowdLead boards were a great enhancement to the site during our playoff run," said Jon Applegate, Director of Event Operations for Sports Authority Field at Mile High. "The boards offered us the capability to message our fans important policy information, sponsor graphics and a post-game highlight reel so fans could continue the celebration after our AFC Championship win. Visually, we were very impressed with how the boards looked and enhanced the playoff atmosphere."


In yet another first for the GoVision team, we were asked to provide our LED equipment and production services for the ESPN Armed Forces Classic held at the Camp Foster Marine Base in Okinawa, Japan. The annual invitational basketball game rotates among military bases across the globe to bring a slice of American sports to our troops stationed overseas.

The 2015 game held in November featured Pittsburgh and Gonzaga and drew roughly 3,000 military personnel to a converted gym at Camp Foster.

GoVision provided a turnkey solution that included our LED screens, scorers tables, OES shot clocks and scoring system. We shipped the equipment overseas, and then flew in two GoVision technicians to complete the project. They constructed a pair of 6'3" x 10'6" LED screens using 20 panels of Panasonic P10mm and suspended them on a scaffold system 20 feet above the floor to give the audience maximum visibility of the scoreboard. The scorers tables provided courtside video and graphics to complete the package.


We're still celebrating Christmas by gifting our fans with GoVision prizes. Don't forget to share your GoVision Christmas gift photos! Remember the trapper hat and lunchbox? Hopefully both have carried you through the Winter months with fun and unrivaled experiences.

If you're lucky, that hat and lunchbox can score you another gift. Simply post a pic of you with your GoVision gifts on Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin - the more creative the better - and each month we'll pick a winner who will receive a special reward.


New venue analytics and personalization tool quantifies audience value,
adds real-time triggers to digital event displays

Imagine having the ability to precisely connect the right message to the right person at the right time at your next live event.

Now, you can.

GoVision, a premier, full-service provider of large-scale LED video displays and related services, including production, creative content, custom design, fabrication and installation, recently announced an exclusive marketing alliance with Advia Partners to deliver what event rights holders and advertisers have long dreamed of: A means to understand the audience viewing their on-site displays, coupled with the ability to trigger digital content, by viewer, in real time.

This cutting-edge technology will now be offered to all GoVision clients as an additional service through Advia's exclusive partnership within the LED rental and installation industry.

"In many ways, Advia is providing the Holy Grail of event analytics," said Kevin Faciane, partner and vice president of business development at Argyle, TX-based GoVision. "Our clients will now be able to track, quantify and amplify the impact of their digital signage in a way they never could before. It's invaluable information for event operators and advertisers alike."

Using a combination of media players, WiFi sniffers and cameras, Advia collects and analyzes hard data from event sites, including detailed audience size, behavior and demographics. Using responsive visual engagement, advertisers can use this data to provide personalized content on GoVision's LED screens, changing the display in real-time for each individual viewer.

"We like to say that we provide the who, what, when and where so event operators can add services and improve efficiencies," said John DeCaprio, CEO of Cincinnati-based Advia Partners. "We're very proud to form this alliance with GoVision to bring our services to hundreds of events all across the country. We're looking forward to helping their clients harness the power of this new, smart technology to further increase the value of the LED screens and other services provided by GoVision."
Cutting-edge manufacturing and design capabilities add to GoVision's growing portfolio

Marking its fifth strategic acquisition since the beginning of 2014, GoVision LP recently announced that it had acquired the assets of Custom Design and Fabrication, LLC, adding decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of LED support elements to the company's comprehensive portfolio of services.

Founded in South Dakota in 2012 by Jay DeBlonk, CDF's expert workforce includes designers, welders, CNC programmers and operators that specialize in building mobile display trailers for professional and college sports teams, local sports associations, LED rental companies and national market activation firms. CDF has also supplied custom components to several of the largest LED screen suppliers in the world for various projects.

"Given the rapid growth we're experiencing, particularly from events that require custom design and fabrication work, this asset acquisition made perfect sense for us," said Chris Curtis, founder and CEO of Argyle, TX-based GoVision, a premier, full-service provider of large-scale LED video displays and related services, including production, creative content, custom design, fabrication and installation. "The event business is evolving rapidly, and it's becoming more and more essential to offer a full suite of services under one roof. GoVision is now arguably the most comprehensive one-stop-shop in our industry today."

Equipped with such high-tech machinery as CNC plasma tables, a CNC plasma pipe cutter and a CNC router table, GoVision's newest unit can design and manufacture components and parts from virtually any material, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, HDPE, polycarbonate, woods and laminates.

"I've enjoyed working with Chris and his team for many years, but we took it to another level when we moved down to Texas last July to become GoVision's primary design and fabrication vendor," said deBlonk, now GoVision's Solutions Manager. "That added another strategic element to the company's portfolio, so officially joining forces was the logical next step."

One of the CDF unit's first high-profile projects for GoVision was building the largest mobile video display trailer in North America, dubbed TITAN, for M31 Design Group in Edmonton, Alberta. Mounted on a 53-foot trailer, the state-of-the-art LED screen, supplied by Daktronics (NASDAQ: DAKT), measures 39' wide by 22' high. TITAN, which is being used primarily by the FC Edmonton soccer club and at other live events throughout Canada, is also equipped with a complete control room with full live production and broadcast capabilities.

After joining the US Army at age 15 and then pursuing a long and diverse career in the AV business, Bob Hatfield finally landed at GoVision five years ago. Bob started his AV career in radio broadcasting as producer and DJ for The Original Hillbilly Hour where he was invited and recognized by the Grand Ole Opry as one of the top traditional music radio programs. From there, Bob moved on to video where he worked as an AV Coordinator, an AV Producer, and then started his own video production company in Texas, providing video support to Billy Bob's Texas, Country Music TV, BBC, MTV, CMT to name only a few. He eventually burned himself out and decided to get out of the "rat race," saying "no more video or events for me. I'm done."

Bob got his CDL and started driving trucks coast to coast and loved it! Little did he know he would end up back in the video/events business anyway. He was doing freelance work as a driver, AV Tech, and camera operator when he stumbled upon GoVision. And he loves it even more!

Q&A with Bob Hatfield

How did you find GoVision? Or did GoVision find you? Please explain what you were doing when you were hired to join the GoVision team.
I found GoVision by accident, saw GoBigger at Texas Motor Speedway when I was freelancing. After several phone calls to Jeff, I finally started freelancing with GoVision. After a year or so, I was asked to be a part of the full time operation. (Isn't life grand?)

You recently celebrated your five year GoVision Birthday (or GoVersary as we like to call them). How has your job changed since you started with GoVision five years ago?
Five years seems like a lifetime, ( when you get to be my age it could be a lifetime). . . . The change at GoVision is remarkable, not only in the addition of people and equipment, but in the processes and ability to adapt so quickly with the growth. I have worked for a couple of companies that had rapid growth; however the management lacked the flexibility and vision necessary to keep the level of service and commitment that gave them that growth. The GoVision management has shown they have the ability to continue upward and meet the challenge for years to come. I think there only 9 or 10 fulltime employees when I started and now we have close to 60.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
It's difficult to say what I love about my job - there are truly so many things. But on reflection, I think it's more than just a job. It's a family and, for the most part, I enjoy being with my family.

Your job has taken you all over the country and you've been involved in any shows or venues. Which one is the most memorable and why?
The most memorable show that I have ever done for GoVision was a few years ago for Glenn Smith Productions and The Army, Air Force Entertainment Group. It was a concert with Doobie Brothers, Kansas, 38 Special and a couple more. I looked into the audience at those kids, some of them the age of my oldest granddaughter, and they were into the music. But it was sad also because I knew some of these same kids would go to war and might be injured or killed.

When you're not driving a GoVision mobile LED screen around, what do you like to do for fun?
In my off time, I visit with my family and play Bluegrass music. I'm on the Board of the Southwest Bluegrass Music Club.

If you could wake up tomorrow in someone else's body, living their life, who would it be? And why?
If I could be someone else, I would like to be Kaitlyn Jenner (not really, well maybe I'm confused). I can't think of any one I would want to be other than me.

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